Re: Is Receiving a 40 Watt MW Station at 191 Miles a Good Catch?

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Hi..sorry but I have to wonder if you didn't have CKBF-2 from Saskatoon, instead. 73 KAZ

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Well winter conditons were brutal up here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last night with a wind chill of - 31 degrees below zero (celcius). Went on my nightly walk with my ski mask and heavy parka and took out my PL 380 with Gary's Designed 7.5" "D" MW Modified Loopstick attached. After about 15 minutes froze my fingers and the PL 380 kept getting harder and harder to push the Buttons on the Keypad. My fingers in gloves were burning when I came in, and took 10 minutes to return to normal, so I won't be venturing out with the Radio again without my Big Hand Mitts.

The bright spot - Received a 40 watt French Station at 860kHz / CKSB - 2, in Western Manitoba - St Lazare, Manitoba some 191 miles distant with a Peak Signal of 10 - 12 dB, and was wondering if this is a good catch?

Turns out this CKSB - 2 is a separate but sister station of Powerful Local French Station CKSB @ 1050 kHz but the programming was totally different, so I wondered for a moment if I had a Quebec, Canada Station but this was definately not the case!



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