Re: my first report from Maryville,Tn

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Hi Carl,
Good to see you here again, and I'm really happy you and Elissa can
finally begin to get settled in your new home. I'm also glad to see
you getting into some DXing up there too. I bet it's a little strange
at first not hearing all those stations that are regulars here in
northern Okla. I betchya don't miss WBBZ too terribly bad, hi hi.
Take care buddy, and we hope to see more of your catches on down the
line. 73!!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

---I have 1 more new one since this post.
WCVP 600 Murphy,NC.1/.02 kw1332-1407 EST on 12.11.08.Swap Shop
program,ad for a furniture store in Murphy,"WCVP,Murphy"I.D. and
mx.poor signal.
Carl DeWhitt

In ultralightdx@..., "Carl DeWhitt" <carl_elissa@>

We got all moved into our new home here in Maryville,Tn on
have made 8 new logs since then.Added to the logs from mearby
Walland,Tn,i have about 205 stations plus or minus a couple
unofficially since i moved here to Tennessee.
Since i have a limited time left on this library computer and we
not got our home computer set up and on the internet yet,here is
best log out of the 8 new ones here.
KXSP 590 Omaha,Ne.2154-2216 EST on 12.10.08 with Creighton Blue
vs. Dayton Flyers men,s for dentist in Omaha and
Chevrolet-Cadillac dealer in Council Bluffs.Post game show
and "Big
sports slogan.State no.29.poor-fair.

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