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John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

"Mister" Cereghin? Don't call me "mister". I work for a living! ;)

Name is John- no need to be formal!

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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Congrats, Robert, on being able to pull yourself out of the darned
dreaded drought! Good going on the new GY'er, Mr. Cereghin. 20 GY
stations logged sounds GREAT to me. I think I might have around a
dozen in all. Our lcl sta occupies 1230, so 1230 and 1240 are out of
the equation here.

My addiction to these little radios got the best of me last
night/this morning, so I pitched a tent and did an all-nighter. Since
it's cold outdoors, I camped out here in the apartment. Here's the
new ones that surfaced here. All times/dates in UTC, and all loggings
were made on the E-100 slider, and in at least one case I used the
slider plus the SAT together.

1400, KTEM, Temple, TX, 0533 UTC, hrd as a 'pop up' while listening
to the freq. I've no idea what their pgm'g was at the time because it
faded back out into the ether as fast as it descended to planet
Earth. Lucky to catch TWO ID's within a minute of each other.

1420, KGNB, New Braunfels, TX, 0859, talk show, possibly Coast to
Coast. ID around 0910.

1420, WOC, Davenport, IA, 0956, regional nx with mentions of several
towns in IA, 2 IDs hrd, back to a tlk show after 1036.

1060, WRHS, Rochelle, IL, 1200, the radio god smiled upon my pointed
lil' head and helped me hear this station's ID right after t/in. Very
clear ID, and then they too went back out into the ether.

1010, KTNZ, Amarillo, TX, 1327, mostly yak by a M ancr, some ads and
then ID at 1331. Their format is C&W, but they didn't hold in here
long enough to tell. (ULR #358)

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