Re: New Grundig AN-200 Mediumwave Antenna



I also had John's Tecsun loop for a spell before sending it on to Kirk,
and I found it to be roughly the equivalent of the Terk Loop, at least
from a passive antenna perspective. The Tecsun seemed to tune a little
sharper, but not by much.

However, the signal coming off of the Terk's output jack was significantly
higher, so I wouldn't recommend the Grundig/Tecsun loop if you're going to
hardwire it to a receiver's antenna jack.

I thought the Tecsun looked much cooler, but the center-mounted tuning of
the Terk was much more convenient. In all, I think the Terk is the better
product, and it's noticeably cheaper than the Grundig/Tecsun.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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I've no experience with the Tecsun AN 200, but recently John Bryant
had his Tecsun AN 100 sent here for some comparisons with the Select-
a-Tenna. As is often the case when comparing well known loops such as
these, I found that in the overall picture, the Tecsun and the SAT
were equal in performance. At times I thought one was outperforming
the other, but then the 'lesser' one would outdo the competition. I
ultimately had to call it a draw.

73's for now.

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

I wonder how it compares to the Radio Shack Loop and
the Selectatenna?

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