Re: my first report from Maryville,Tn

Carl DeWhitt

---I have 1 more new one since this post.
WCVP 600 Murphy,NC.1/.02 kw1332-1407 EST on 12.11.08.Swap Shop
program,ad for a furniture store in Murphy,"WCVP,Murphy"I.D. and c&w
mx.poor signal.
Carl DeWhitt

In ultralightdx@..., "Carl DeWhitt" <carl_elissa@...>

We got all moved into our new home here in Maryville,Tn on Dec.7.I
have made 8 new logs since then.Added to the logs from mearby
Walland,Tn,i have about 205 stations plus or minus a couple
unofficially since i moved here to Tennessee.
Since i have a limited time left on this library computer and we have
not got our home computer set up and on the internet yet,here is the
best log out of the 8 new ones here.
KXSP 590 Omaha,Ne.2154-2216 EST on 12.10.08 with Creighton Blue Jays
vs. Dayton Flyers men,s for dentist in Omaha and
Chevrolet-Cadillac dealer in Council Bluffs.Post game show and "Big
sports slogan.State no.29.poor-fair.

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