Re: ULR DX LONGWAVE ......2 NEW Beacons Tonight

Gary DeBock

Good Going Rob,

If you could log 3 new beacons during the poor Longwave conditions the
past 24 hours, your new antenna must be workng fine!

I gave the band a check around 0800 UTC last night, and wrote the band
off as hopeless. Even some B.C. pest stations were struggling to get
through... let alone Almost Manitoba!

73, Gary

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Hi Guys:

Well....I managed to get out on the back deck tonight with the FSL
Antenna. The Rain we had yesterday (Which totalled almost 3 Inches!!)
has stopped...the Snow that covered the Ground after the rain turned to
snow, has melted during the day....and now it's just getting Cold
again!! Temp out on the deck tonight is 29 Degrees F.

I made 2 trips out to the deck....and logged one new beacon on each
trip. Conditions were much better than last night, but still not
phenomenal......but I logged 2 new that is a good night.

One of these Beacons is in Far Northeastern Quebec.......or as Gary and
I would say......"Almost Nunavut!!" The other beacon is a Semi-Local
that I was never able to hear til I got the FSL Antenna!!

RADIO USED..................Barefoot TECSUN PL-380 ULR coupled to
DeBock Longwave FSL Antenna

ULR LW Totals are now.......209 Stations Heard

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

359 YI Detroit, MICHIGAN Nov/30/11 2320 UTC FAIR
(Yipps) Ypsilanti
120 Miles
NEW BEACON (previously Logged on 395 Khz) ....NEW ULR LW # 208
358 YKG Kangiqsujuaq, QUEBEC Dec/01/11 0020 UTC FAIR
1000 Watts 1344 Miles

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