Re: C Crane Twin Ferrite Antenna

Jay Heyl

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 08:29, Rick W4DST <w4dst@...> wrote:

I purchased one of the C Crane Twin Ferrite antennas at a bargain price and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Does anyone on the list have experience with one?   Jay Allen at has a favorable opinion of them but I'd still like to hear from someone on the list who may have experience also.   I'm sure I'll enjoy playing with it.

I've had one for quite a few years. It's a good antenna; certainly a major improvement over the antenna in almost any ultralight. I think the suggested retail price is a tad on the high side. Since you got it at a bargain price, that's not an issue.

I would disagree with Kevin in regards to the Quantum Loop. The CCrane antenna is easier to tune, but, IMHO, the Q-multiplier on the Quantum Loop is a huge plus. It will let you pull signal out of noise in situations where nothing else will work. This can be particularly important with ULRs where you usually have limited or no choice of filters and no side band tuning. 

I'd put it this way. The CCrane antenna is going to get you about 90% of what you can possibly get with an indoor antenna. The Quantum Loop is going to take you to 98%. 

I'm sure you'll enjoy your new antenna. It should open up a whole new level of reception.

  -- Jay

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