Re: ULR LONGWAVE DX...1 NEW Beacon Logged

Gary DeBock

Hi Rob,

Glad that you have started tracking them down with the new FSL!

To give you (and others) some new targets, I've updated my Ultralight
NDB log (228 stations in 14 States and 9 Provinces, including 13
Alaskans and 2 Hawaiians), and posted it at I may still have you beat in
total loggings, but probably not for long! I've also managed 5 NDB's in
"Almost Manitoba" (a.k.a "Uncivilized Ontario") and 2 NDB's in Quebec
(a.k.a. "Almost James Bay." :-)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup[, WA, USA)

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Hi Guys:

My New Longwave FSL arrived in the Mail today via Gary DeBock in
Washington (Thanks Gary!!) As soon as it got dark I went outside on the
back deck to see what I could hear.

Unfortunately ....I got washed out on both the Back Deck and the Front
Porch due to massive Rains here since last night!!

I have sooooo much water in my Backyard due to the heavy rains....if
the Skunk shows up tonight....he'll need a Fun Noodle to float on to
get to the Bird Feeders!!

I was forced back in the house and set up in the Back Bedroom which is
relatively quiet for an Indoor Location........

One New Beacon Logged from Northwestern Ontario (Almost Manitoba!!)

Radio Used.......Barefoot Tecsun PL-380 coupled to a DeBock Longwave
FSL Antenna

ULR LONGWAVE Totals are now.............207 Stations Heard

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

230 ZUC Ignace, ONT. Nov/30/11 0149 UTC FAIR
50 Watts 671 Miles

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