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Paul- I found the article very helpful, and it gave me new ideas to try.

I just try strong stations to see if the loop picks up signals off the openings or against the sides of the windings set up as I am using it. Maybe that is partly because I have a diamond weave litz loop and a different litz air core which have opposite patterns to play with.

Are you trying both with the loop broadside to the ferrite in the radio, and along side the radio with the air core loop coil on an axis similar to the winding on the ferrite?

Try most every thing, and see what you hear. -FARMERIK

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Found the file, but it dows not mention or indicate receiving direction. My setup was a sideways T. Radio oriented for E-W direction and loop O was N-S, meaning the --- was also E-W.

Paul S. in CT

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Wheres that file that shows which direction the loop operates best?, maybe I'm doing something wrong placing it near the radio.

Paul S. in CT

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I had the null N-S on the set-up so I thought it was more likely WCEV than CHOU-PQ. I'll remove it from the list pending ID.

Paul S. in CT.

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On 2011-11-29, at 6:38 AM, Russ Edmunds wrote:
Did you consider CHOU-QC instead of WCEV ? They have a similar format and owing to higher power are a frequent visitor here.

Russ Edmunds
15 mi NNW of Philadelphia

Yes Paul, Russ is correct, CHOU from Montreal does have a similar Format. I have Logged CHOU playing both Arabic/Middle East Type Programming and Indian Sub-Continental Type Programming. I have also heard WCEV with positive they do both make it here at times. These two are tricky if you don't get an ID....or Live Webfeed match.

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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