Two at Sunset on 1520 kHz

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

I tested the PL-210/AN200 on 1520 where WIZZ resides nearly due North of here, and the combo pulled this in well from almost nothing. Also during the 16:20 to 17:00 time frame two other stations were heard in this direction, and each eventually gave a callsign by 16:40 EST.

First was Af. Am. Gospel that faded in and out nicely. The callsign was WARR Warrenton 1520. This is from North Carolina. Removal of loop and de-tune indicated borderline at best RX.

#538 (Replacing deleted WCEV) WARR 1520 kHz from Warrenton, NC 5000 Watts at 721.8 km. Time was 16:35 EST using PL-210/AN200 as inverted T, with loop --- pointing N-S.

Second station was generally mixing with WIZZ and was a difficult ID at 16:15, but repeated at 16:38 that was IDed much better. This was a more traditional Gospel or So. Gospel variety mixing with the Standards from WIZZ. 1520 WTHE was heard nicely.

#539 1520 kHz WTHE Mineola (LI) NY, 100.38 km using 1000 Watts. Local rank is #55.

By 19:00 WWKB (former WKBW) enveloping the null, only a very weak presumed WARR 1000W CrHr sneeks in.

Paul S. in CT

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