Eton E100 Serial Number Variations

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     With the growing popularity of the new Eton E100 modifications (Slider loopstick and Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter), hobbyists should be advised that there are certain E100 variants that are not suitable for either modification.  Those directly involved in designing or performing the modifications (John Bryant, Guy Atkins, Steve Ratzlaff and myself) have been aware of this for some time, but new E100 purchasers should check their unit's serial number, before planning or ordering any modification.
     Any E100 with a serial number of the E10-0709xxxxxx series is NOT compatible with either the Slider loopstick or the Murata IF filter modification.  These units have a redesigned loopstick among other major changes, and the AM performance is noticeably inferior to the other E100 variants.  Photos of the RF circuit board, loopstick and logo of these "non-standard" units have been posted by John Bryant on the ultralightdx Yahoo group site.  If you have one of these units, the popular modifications are not possible, and they should not be sent to Steve Ratzlaff for filter jobs, or to any volunteers making Slider loopsticks..
     Most of the E100's currently owned by DXers (and reportedly all of the E100's still available from Durham Radio in Canada) are of the type suitable for modification.  These generally are either the E10-0704xxxxxx series, or the E10-0505xxxxxx series.  Both of these groups are fully suitable for modifications, and both work equally well as modified DX chasers.  The loopstick coils of these two groups have slight variations, however, which result from a slightly different tuning capacitor in the variants.
     The E10-0704xxxxxx series E100's have more turns of Litz wire in the stock loopstick coil, and perform best with a Slider loopstick coil of approximately 63 turns of 40/44 Litz wire.  The E10-0505xxxxxx series have fewer turns of Litz wire in the stock coil, and can operate well with a Slider loopstick coil of 51 turns, although they will still function well with a coil of 63 turns (although the coil will slightly extend over the edge of the bar while tuning some very high band frequencies).  Detailed testing here has not revealed any variation in sensitivity between a 63 turn Slider coil or a 51 turn coil in the E10-0505xxxxxx variants.
     The modifications themselves work extremely well in boosting up the E100's sensitivity and selectivity, and in combination they are phenomenal in performance.  Before planning or ordering material for modifications, however, please ensure that your E100's are of the acceptable type, and can actually be transformed into legendary DX chasers.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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