Re: Ultralight Longwave DX-- One New NDB (testing out 7" FSL for Rob)


Thanks a lot Gary, great explanations re the new innovative Variable Capacitor Mounting technique, and info re Glueing on the Rubber Hose Feet to your Affordable 7" FSL.
Had I known there would be such a large demand for Funnoodles I would have purchased 2 or 3 of them at the Canadian Tire Store way across the City from here where I finally found them. They had a whole bin full of them in September - yellow, blue, and green. Guess if needed I could take another trip there, if you require any more of them to repay you for the  very generous care package you sent me in October.  Let me know.
Having tons of fun playing with a new Degen 321 DSP Analog Radio I just received from Honk Kong from eBay seller Tquchina ($21.00 including shipping) yesterday. The Amazing thing that I have found with this apparent DSP tuned radio is that when its placed near  your very portable designed Affordable  7" FSL , or Steve's designed 10" FSL, the Medium Wave Station Volume and Reception is almost quadrupled, with Both FSLs providing a very powerful Boost to this little gem of a radio. Unfortunately it doesn't have a Digital Display or receive Longwave which is likely a must for you Rob or Steve - but it is a lot of fun!

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