Re: Rural use of Kchibo KK-912T ULR

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It it works like a SI chip radio, you might suspect it is one. I opened my Kchibo KK-D202 (nondestructively) and saw si4734 stenciled on the circuit board. <
I wonder if my Kchibo KK-D680 has the same chip. It makes a loud 'whoosh' sound whenever I land on a station. My Degen DE1127 (the ne plus ultra of ultralights outside the rules, it is smaller and lighter than my phone) has that sound too, but it's not as 'whooshy' as its predecessor, the DE1126. 'DSP' is on their boxes, and on the radio itself with the Kchibo but nothing regarding which chip is in use.

My Tecsun PL-310 and PL-380 make a different sound when they land on a station - all completely different to my non-DSP radios.

I'll receive an early Christmas present next week, a PL-390. I eagerly await its arrival. Thanks to this group I've discovered the weird and wonderful world of DSP radios and ultralight DX. 73. Gem, NSW AU.

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