Re: Ultralight Longwave DX-- One New NDB (testing out 7" FSL for Rob)

robert ross

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Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 5:19:54 PM
Subject: [ultralightdx] Ultralight Longwave DX-- One New NDB (testing out 7" FSL for Rob)

Hello All,

To assist Rob in his chase of exotic NDB-DX a new 7" Longwave FSL was
constructed for him this week, with reddish Litz wire, white PVC pipes,
and blue inner padding. Since this little beast will probably be
spending some serious time "out on the ice" the color scheme was
designed to match that of Rob's favorite hockey team-- but even if the
Habs fall out of his favor, maybe this red, white and blue FSL will
remind Rob of the antenna's country of origin?
Go Habs Go!!!!! HAHHHA.........Hi Guys.......Happy Thanksgiving to all our American List Members....and Happy Thursday to everyone else!!! I'm sitting here in the Fairfield Inn,  in Farmington Hills, MICHIGAN. We are here to visit Family Friends for Thanksgiving, and to eat some turkey!! I'm back at the hotel recovering from Supper as we speak!!
Gary.......That FSL is truly a thing of beauty!!! I'm sure if I took it to Montreal....they would let me into the Habs Game for free!!! HAHHAHHA....or kick me out , not knowing what the heck it was!! In any's gonna look great out on the Back Deck, in a Blizzard vacuuming up signals from far away lands!!

I can hardly wait to get home and try it out...........Canada Customs willing......
During final testing last night the sensitive new antenna was checked
out in NDB reception around 0830 UTC, and within 5 minutes was able to
snag a new beacon that had never been heard here previously (from
Canada, of course):

248-QL Lethbridge, Alberta (Ultralight NDB # 223)

Gary........good work siphoning a new Beacon from my New FSL "Before" it leaves the Country!!! You may as well benefit from it's Signal Sucking Powers......since you did all the work!! I hope it can grab me a few beacons from ALBERTA!! That would be GREAT!!


This new 7" FSL will undoubtedly help Rob bury me in NDB-DXing totals
before long, so it is with some reluctance that I send it off to London
Well Gary...You have a running start on me...just keep running and I'll never catch you!! It's gonna be FUN trying this out during the winter.....It will give me more reasons to get outta bed at 5 Am and jump into my Snowmobile Suit!!
No Snowsuit required here in the Detroit Suburbs the past few days!! Beautiful Weather for Thanksgiving and supposed to get even nicer for the next 2 days!! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving....and ate way too much!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA
(Presently near Detroit Michigan impersonating a Pilgrim)

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