Re: Tecsun PL-118 English manual added to Files section

Mark Roberts

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 2:25 PM, Kevin Davidson <kevin@...> wrote:
I see that the manual fails to document the sleep timer. With the radio off, press and hold the power button. It will say "On" in the display. Quickly rotate the thumbwheel to set the sleep timer value. Also pressing the clock symbol when the radio is on will switch the display to show the time briefly.

This is a cool little radio. I ran the ETM on it and on my Tecsun PL-380. Both stored 33 stations.
I'm on a brief vacation in San Luis Obispo County, CA -- a good place
to test because there are quite a few translators plus only one
station in HD. I compared my PL-606 and a new PL-118 in an ETM scan:

PL-118: 27 stations, all valid
PL-606: 41 stations, two false (both adjacent to the HD signal), for a
net of 39.

The PL-118's rod antenna is about 13"; the PL-606's is about 23 or 24,
as I recall. Both are too short, but the PL-118's is way too short,
which may make the difference.

The PL-118 is cute, though, and the ergonomics are well thought out.
Particularly nice is the automatic volume reduction when headphones
are plugged in.

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