Re: Got My New Degen 321 DSP Radio Today - Great Performance so far!


Thanks for the comments.  Have  to say that this Radio purchased from eBay seller TQUCHINA  - at least my version is very good on Shortwave. I had it out today in MidAfternoon and I was picking up all kinds of Shortwave Stations ie Radio France, and a lot of religious stations on Shortwave Bands 3 & 4 on this Degen Radio with the Whip Aerial extended. MidAfternoon is generally not too great a time for Shortwave listening up here, but with this Degen 321  I am finding it to be quite sensitive on Shortwave in midday, and a lot better at night. You likely know all this, but during the day the Lower Shortwave Bands are not available, but the Higher ones are. Its the reverse at night.  Also  I did see the Red Sync Lite go on re that very strong Radio France International Station this afternoon.
Did you get the mini CD Rom Instruction Manual - it has a wealth of PDF info on it including PDF's on all of the Degen, and the latest Tecsun Line of Radios as well as the new PL 505, and PL 398  Ultra Lite Receivers. It says SinoRadios on the CD - I wonder if Degen and Tecsun are affiliated with SinoRadios? All in all  the Degen 321 is a  great little Compact Radio for the price - But it sure would be a lot better if it had a Digital Display to ID the Frequencies we are receiving.  

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