Re: Setting 9KHz/10KHz AM step in Kchibo KK-D202 DSP receiver

Kevin Davidson

This setting method can also set the volume control range too. When the radio came, it couldn't be set very loud. Now it gets loud quickly.

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The KK-D202 comes in two versions, the original version and an "upgrade" version that adds a 9/10 KHz setting via a switch in the battery compartment. It uses the Silicon Laboratories si4734 DSP chip.

Not to worry. The original version can switch the AM step too, provided you say the magic words.

There are two rows of 4 buttons on the front of the radio. The second button from the left on the bottom row normally turns the alarm on and off (when the radio is off) and stores memory presets (when the radio is on). However, it also can be used to change the AM step with this procedure:

With the radio off, press and hold the alarm button. As you continue holding, you will see the following sequence of numbers repeated in the display: "34", ":34" "95" and ":95". When "95" appears, release the button and quickly press the purple button (with the up arrow) twice. "10 kHz" will appear briefly in the display. Repeat the procedure to switch it back to 9. Timing is critical, so you might have to try it a few times to get it to work.

I found this sort of by accident.

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