Re: Rural use of Kchibo KK-912T ULR

Kevin Davidson

It it works like a SI chip radio, you might suspect it is one. I opened my Kchibo KK-D202 (nondestructively) and saw si4734 stenciled on the circuit board.

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Anyone know of a non-destructive way to tell which radios use actual SiLabs chips? -FARMERIK

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Hi Keith,
You've seen my follow-on post about taking the radio apart. There is nothing
that can be done to change the "squelch" on this radio. Everything is
contained inside the non-SiLabs DSP chip. There's not even an external
microprocessor that could perhaps be hacked. And unless whoever makes the
DSP chip is trying to clone the SiLabs "soft mute" (unlikely) then it really
is some type of squelch being used, just like the instruction sheet
It was worth the $20 for the educational experience of observing how the
radio worked then taking it apart to see what was inside. It will never play
again, as it's all torn apart and the dial cord is off and won't be
attempted to be put all back together again. :))


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Thanks for sharing your impressions of the '912T. Sorry you didn't have
better results with it at your rural QTH.

The band select (AM/FM) always defaults back to FM after the radio has
been powered off. Don't know if I remembered to mention this.

All the LEDs work on mine: AM, FM, SW, and "tune."

Maybe with your knowledge of electronics, you can figure out a way to
disable the "squelch" and tune in more distant stations; or boost
sensitivity by adding external antennas.

As you said, it's probably designed more with the urban listener in mind.
It's not going to give the '310 or '380 much competition for hearing DX
stations, but at c. $20. delivered, it is an interesting toy.

Keith B.
Seattle WA USA

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