Re: Got My New Degen 321 DSP Radio Today - Great Performance so far!


I also have one and would disagree somewhat. It is really great on FM, OK for AM locals, but completely worthless on shortwave. Part of the SW problem is the strong local on 1080KHZ that breaks through pretty much the entire SW spectrum on this radio (similar to the Radio Shack DX-380, also completely worthless on shortwave around here).

I agree it is a neat-looking radio. It provides the novel experience of AFC (automatic frequency control) on AM and SW--a feature normally seen only on FM, that makes tuning for weak signals much more difficult, and most SW signals are weak. It also implements linear tuning for the AM band, which is a good thing but seems odd because essentially all other analog radios use the cheaper circular variable capacitor design that causes the high frequencies to pile up together at the end of the dial.

My red tuning light does turn on for a couple of SW stations, so it is apparently supposed to work on SW.

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After a 3 week wait, I just received my new Analog / (so called) DSP Radio today, and after just an hour of testing I am very impressed with this beautiful little compact Radio. Thank you Famerik for you research & for the Great Tip on getting it.

The compact size is great - it tunes in All my AM locals.

Picked up quite a few Short Wave Stations on Shortwave Bands 4, 5, and 6 in mid afternoon with the Aerial Extended. The Red tuning Light does not seem to work however when on a Shortwave Stn?? Is this the way it is with others ones purchased? Radio comes with a CD Instruction Manual (I guess), Bud Earphones, and a little Cloth Carrying Case.

Other Stations: With the help of Gary's Designed 7" FSL I was able to pull in a lot of Stations from North and South Dakota this afternoon!! The 7" FSL provides an amazing Boost to this little Radio.

FM Performance is fantastic wih ALL of our Locals - about 10 of them available. Sound quality in general is very good on all Bands especially on FM.

All in all a great little Radio well worth the $21.00 including shipping. More testing to come tonight. Thanks again Famerik.


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