Excellent New Article featuring the "Safari SRF-59"

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

A couple of weeks ago, Gary DeBock received a note and photos from a radio amateur, Walt Heskes, KC2KML  who had discovered "Ultra-Lites" through a presentation at his local radio amateur club. He was intrigued, asked Google for further information and found dxer.ca....  Soon there after, he ordered SRF-59s and receiving them, discovered "the dial problem." Being a handy fellow with a large junk box, he and his son soon set off to marry excellent 1920s dial technology to a modern Ultralight receiver and created the Safari SRF-59 and rediscovered MW DXing in the process.

Walt was kind enough to document the Safari in photographs and tell us of his adventures rediscovering MW DXing in the new article:

Rediscovering BC Band DX via the Sony SRF-59 "Safari"   

We have just posted that file to the Ultralight Files section of "Downloads" at dxer.ca. Its a great story and another approach to solving the dial problem... this time with a LIGHTED dial!   Give it a look.

John Bryant

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