Re: Recommendation For My Next Ultralight?


Thanks everyone for the welcome and all the comments. I ordered a PL380 and look forward to comparing it with the Sony. Having a lot of fun with this. Thanks again!

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I purchased a Sony SRT-T615 just for listening purposes and lo and behold! I found myself doing some MW dxing which is how I started out 50 years ago: AM dxing led to SWLing led to ham radio. So here I am full circle! Doing some Google searching I found this group and subscribed. Recently I picked up a Q-Stick and a Terk to help with reception.

Anyway, I'd like to pick up another Ultralight and in researching the reviews I can't quite come up with a clear choice. So, I'm wondering what the more experienced than I members of this group would recommend for my next Ultralight purchase or if there is something in the wings I should be waiting for.
Thanks for any thoughts.

Anthony R Gargano

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