Slider Loopstick Cancels Out Image Reception

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Doing further investigation on a discovery made by Steve Ratzlaff and confirmed by John Bryant, some testing was done on a Slider E100 tuned to an image frequency of local pest KSUH-1450 (on 540 kHz).
     Without the coil peaked on 540 kHz, KSUH-1450 was blasting in on 540 kHz, sounding like a local.  When the coil was peaked on 540 kHz, however, KSUH's image signal went completely down in the noise, barely audible way under legitimate 540 kHz signal CBK in Saskatchewan.  The KSUH image was completely inaudible except when the Slider loopstick was broadside to the pest, in which case is was barely above the noise level.
     The discovery has major implications for those DXers who love the classic Sony ICF-S5W, but dislike its congenital image problem.  With a Slider loopstick, the ICF-S5W would not only drop the images, but have a huge sensitivity boost as well.  The 455 kHz Murata CFJ455K5 filter can also be transplanted into the ICF-S5W, like it has been in the E100 to provide razor-sharp selectivity.  Sounds like an interesting winter coming up.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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