Bryant's Best Catches during the Ross Challenge

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Here are what I'd consider my 20 or so best catches while doing the 7-Day Ross Challenge.  I ended up with 132 stations in 6.5 days and had a bunch of fun!  All were with the Slider E100 attached to a NW-SE Wellbrook Phased Array antenna. As is usual with most domestic catches, in most cases these are especially treasured catches not because they are exotic themselves, but rather they are small miracles because of stiff co-channel QRM in the region, etc.

The times are UTC.... 1200 UTC = 6:00AM CST

550 KFYR Bismark ND USA                        11/30/2008 1250 Many ments of Bismark + Local Weather
594 JOAK NHK1, Tokyo Japan                     11/30/2008 1317 JJ Talk, Threshold
640 WCRV  Collierville TN USA                    12/1/2008   2200 Fluke in NW Array, null of WWLS. Multi IDs
650 KGAB   Orchard Valley WY USA           12/1/2008 1330 Local Talk. IDs as "Cheyenne" 
670 KWXI    Glenwood Sprs AR USA           12/1/2008 1335 "Family Friendly Radio" Religious
700 KHFO   Tom Ball TX USA                      12/1/2008 1345 Voice of Texas
890 KTXV    Mabank TX USA                        12/4/2008 1307 Vietnamese prgmming. What fun!
1040 KCBE Monument/ColoSprs CO USA  12/6/2008 1500 Mixed SS & EE Programming, Christian
1050 KLOH Pipestone MN USA                    12/3/2008   2240 "Serving Southwest Minnesota" Pop-up
1080 KSLL  Price UT USA                           12/6/2008  1520 "Continuous Christmas Music" Local Ads
1110 WTOF Bay Minnete AL USA                12/3/2008 1226 "Turning Point" rel prg announces "Mobile"
1130 CKWX Vancouver BC Can                  12/6/2008 0200 Traffic Report, ments of various suburbs
1140 CHRB High River ALB ALB Can         12/3/2008 1300 "----'s Community Radio" C&W,finally ID as High R
1200 KFNW North Fargo ND USA                12/6/2008 1518 Pop-up ID as ""
1320 KELO Sioux Falls SD USA                   12/6/2008 2200 Fox News, 2 IDs, mix w/KCLI
1570 KVTK Vermillion SD USA                      12/5/2008 1303 ESPN, Local ID
1580 KKKK Colorado Springs CO USA 12/5/2008 1300 Biz Radio, Local ads
1660 KQWB W.Fargo ND USA                       12/1/2008 0300 ESPN

John B.
Stillwater, OK, USA
Rcvrs: Hotrodded NRD-535, Slider e100's
Antennas: Wellbrook Phased Array

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