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A VERY BIG HI TO evey one in the ultralight dx group FROM ME Peter
Tankard a new member in sheffield south yorkshire in the uk.Can eny
one please help me I am trying to find some half inch ferrite rods
that are half inch 12.7mm in diameter and are six inches long or more
with very hI Q for the MW LW band I did have some back in the 198s
but I cannot find eny at all now.I will pay very good money for some
half inch ferrite rods that have got a very HI Q for the MW LW BAND
I am a keen dexer on the MW LW BAND and I have head meny local radio
stations from the US at night in sheffield very strong from the east
cost from st jons new fandland and new york and boltamore ON the AM
Band.I did triy amedon some time ago I sent them a sampull of the
half inch ferrite rod that I wanted but thay sent it back to me
saying that thay did not have that materall eny more.The half inch
rods that I had back in the 198s worked in eny transister radio I put
them in using the radios oun mw cail I did have to file the end of
the rod so the cail would slide on in some of the radios. I put the
half inch rod into the Q was so HI it overloded the frunt end of the
radio on strong local stations that are in sheffield and it made very
fint stations from over 280 mills away from sheffield come in very
strong as if thay were in sheffield and this was in the medal of the
day in summer.I would be very gratfull to eny one how can help me. I
cannot find eny half inch rod at all now in the UK I have been puting
ads in the radio magazeens for half inch ferrite rods in the UK for
years now.And somtimes I get a half inch rod sent to me but when I
try it it allwas seems to be the rong permability for the MW LW
band.I have head of an old sony radio that has Very HI Q rods in it
that was only sold in japan if eny one nows the modal nomber and the
years in witch it was made I would be very gratfull or how I could
get a hold of one.all the very best to all the Ultralight dx members
from peter tankard in the UK ps I hope you can all reed my email as I
am Dislexic. Please email me at peter.tankard@bigfoot.com if you can
help me.

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