Re: How To Log Stations & Beacons Heard?


Thanks for the info, that AMANDX group is right here in Manitoba - good info.  

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Try this link for an Excel spreadsheet.


--- In ultralightdx@..., "jerry_popiel" wrote:
> Guys, I have been logging and writing down mostly in a Notebook a lot of mainly Medium Wave Stations on Gary DeBock's 7.5 inch "D" external Loopstick I recently wound with higher gain 100/44 Litz wire, and also with Steve Ratzlaff's designed 10 inch / 39 Ferrite Bar Circular Styrofoam FSL. Both have been receiving great results on my Tecsun Pl 380 Radio.
> Is there an official way or better setup to Log all these MW Stations and future Longwave Beacons on my computer such as an existing Excel Template Spreadsheet so that I can transfer all my Stations heard to this list?
> Thanks
> Jerry

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