Re: Ultralight Longwave DX-- 2 New NDB's (in two cold hours)

robert ross

On 2011-11-07, at 10:57 AM, d1028gary@... wrote:


Hello All,

Rob wasn't the only one tracking down new Ultralight NDB's last night,
along the results (and weather) here on the Left Coast seem to be
freezing up.

After two frigid hours in the 37 degree back yard (0600-0800 UTC)

Gary...You need to move to the Land of the Eskimos if you wanna keep warm.......I coulda sat out there in Shorts this morning!! Strange weather for us this time of year!!

I  managed to track down two new ones, one of them from Manitoba. All
three of the Ontario beacons previously received here (328-YTL, 346-YXL
and 413-YHD) were also at decent levels, but nothing new showed up from
Rob's home province.

370-YBV Berens River, Manitoba (50 watts) Ultralight NDB #193
388-CRK Spokane, WA (sounds low-powered!) Ultralight NDB #194

Northern Manitoba musta been HOT last night and this morning.....that's 3 ndbs from Northern Manitoba we logged Gary!!! Those Ontario Beacons you are hearing are really closer to Manitoba than the civilized part of Ontario where I live!!! HAHHAHHHA....They are so far away from me...they should be IN Manitoba!!

Rob's breakthrough beacon 250-2J in Grand Forks, BC seemed unusually
strong last night-- maybe a power boost recently?

Hey..that would help to explain why it was making the trip here 2 nights ago...maybe something has changed at the station???? Who knows??

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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