Re: Ross Challenge and Other Doings

robert ross

At 09:55 PM 12/5/2008, you wrote:

This is the close of the 6th day and I have 120 new stations, so I've
crossed the 200 total station barrier and have the 7-Day Challenge
down for sure.

Way to go John......I feel quite honoured knowing that my NAME will be
gracing the walls of Stillwater Oklahoma's DX Central!!! 120 Stations in 6
days......that's not bad for an Old Feller!!!

I'm not going to do the 30-day challenge now.... I'd rather start
clear over, Barefoot, for that (maybe next year:>)

John...send your wife on a 30 Day Cruise before you start that
one.......otherwise she'll think she's the Only one living in the house as
she'll never see you!! HAHHHAHA....

Glad you had fun with the 7 Day Challenge..and it looks like you still have
24 Hours to log a few more!!

There sure is a lot of Wallpaper heading to OKLAHOMA these days!!!


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