Re: How To Log Stations & Beacons Heard?

Randy B <randyebrown@...>


Try this link for an Excel spreadsheet.


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Guys, I have been logging and writing down mostly in a Notebook a lot of mainly Medium Wave Stations on Gary DeBock's 7.5 inch "D" external Loopstick I recently wound with higher gain 100/44 Litz wire, and also with Steve Ratzlaff's designed 10 inch / 39 Ferrite Bar Circular Styrofoam FSL. Both have been receiving great results on my Tecsun Pl 380 Radio.

Is there an official way or better setup to Log all these MW Stations and future Longwave Beacons on my computer such as an existing Excel Template Spreadsheet so that I can transfer all my Stations heard to this list?


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