Re: Quantum QX-Pro Loop with E100 slider?

Gary Kinsman

Hi Brandon,

Another possibility is to use the Quantum Coupler inductively with
the stock E100 ferrite bar.

This is how I connect my QX Pro to my Sat 800, and it works very
well this way -- much better than with a direct connection.


--- In ultralightdx@..., "Brandon Jordan" <>

Hi folks. I am finally jumping in on the ultralight craze and
yesterday evening I ordered everything needed to make an E100
slider. It hit me today that I have one of the older model Quantum
QX-Pro ferrite antenna, the one with a 15" ferrite bar. What would
be the best option of using this with the E100 slider? My first
though would be to feed the QX-Pro output to the slider external
antenna input. I am just concerned that the signal from the 7.5"
slider antenna would degrade the nulling capacity of the QX-Pro.
Any thought on this?

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I would sure appreciate
anything. I am especially interested on coming up with the best
way to utilize the large Quantum QX-Pro antenna. Thanks!

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