Re: ULR DX...LONGWAVE Beacons.........Need Help!! This is a Weird one!!! Can't believe it actually!!

Gary DeBock

Well Rob,

Congratulations on the 250-2J logging, and the reception of B.C.
province. Now that NDB-DXing expert Steve has said that the propagation
path was possible, it's likely that you had somewhat of a sunset skip
boost to receive it, since our local sunset would have been just before
that time. In any case, it's a fantastic logging, which I'm sure must
have been a big thrill on your 7.5" LW loopstick PL-380!

West coast NDB-chasers all know that B.C. province has a lot of
powerhouse beacons, many of which can be received at great distances.
You might have a tougher time receiving a Washington state beacon,
though. It's the same way with Canadian beacons from the East-- lots of
powerful Ontario and Manitoba beacons come in here, but I've yet to
receive any American states around them (except for 365-AA on the
border between ND and MN).

73, Gary

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Help!! This is a Weird one!!! Can't believe it actually!!

Well there is only one 2J beacon close to 250 kHz. And it's certainly
18:40 PDT (last time for that!) and often good things happen in the
evening hours. In spite of no one hearing 2J further east than Illinois
it's not a very strong beacon, thus), if you believe you heard it, then
reason not to claim it.

NE Oregon
(having some good southeastern reception this evening, but not with ULR

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Subject: [ultralightdx] ULR DX...LONGWAVE Beacons.........Need Help!!
is a Weird one!!! Can't believe it actually!!

Hi Guys:

Just in from another Session out on the Deck....and never heard
New again....EXCEPT for this...and I'm still not believing it!!

I listened to this Beacon for over 10 Minutes to make sure I got it
right!! I thought at first it was sending " 2 2 ". I've never logged
Beacon that was just Numbers I hung in there for quite a
and I finally realized it was sending " 2 J " There was a DAID as

Of course I had no Idea where this was located.....til I came in the
and looked it up!!!

The Lists are all saying that 250 2J is located in Grand Forks, BC!!!
That's 1821 Miles from me!! Not sure what the Power is?????

That would have been 1840 PDT........That's what is bugging me...Is
Dark out there @ 1840 PDT?? Would Propagation support this making it
Ontario at 0140 UTC??

If this is's my First BC Logging on Longwave. I think
this is
just over the Border from Seattle???

You guys on the Left Coast gotta help me with this one!!! Does this
get out well??? Do You know the Power??? I don't think it has been
in Ontario...according to the RNA List???

So....Steve, Gary, and Kevin.....tell me what I should do with this
logging??? Tony in Whitby....have you heard this one from Ontario on

I am 100 % Sure it was sending 2J..........I just wanna make sure
isn't another beacon somewhere else with this ID?? I wish I had this
tape...but I don't use a Recorder with this setup....Maybe I should

250 2J Grand Forks, BC Nov/06/11 0140 UTC Poor-Fair
1821 Miles
ULR LW Province # 8
ULR LW # 155

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