Re: Protective Case for E100 Slider Radios

Guy Atkins

Hi Jay,
Thanks for mentioning the Stormcase source. I've never heard of that brand before, and the construction and quality look the same as Pelican. I do like the better price! $33.00 is a lot easier on the wallet than $50 for the Pelican 1200. It looks like either brand will provide tank-like protection for whatever's inside.

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Hi Gary & Kevin,
The Pelican model 1200 case would be very nice for protecting an E100 with 7.5" slider antenna, assuming the radio has a compact mounting method such as the section of plastic level that Gary uses. I have a couple of up-close photos of the 1200 on my blog:

Nothing at all against Pelican, but those looking to evaluate alternatives might also want to look at Stormcase. Same basic concept as the Pelicans with a few different features that may or may not make them a better choice for a particular application. The Stormcase 2050 is comparable to the Pelican 1200.

I bought a large Stormcase that safely and securely holds most of my radio gear in one case. I've been very happy with it.

I'd also recommend as a source for both Pelican and Stormcase products. Their prices are very competitive and I was happy with the service when I bought my Stormcase a couple years ago.

  -- Jay

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