Re: a P.S. on my previous post and a reply to Kevin

Peter Tankard <peter.tankard@...>

AVERY big hi from peter tankard in sheffield south yorkshire in the UK. I have just jound the Ultralight dx gruop.I find MW LW dexing very xsiting I have head meny local radio stations on mw am from the US on my 1970 grundig yacht boy model 210 and I have been a mw lw dexer sins 1976.I am at the momont trying to find some half inch ferrite rods that are half inch 12.7mm in diameter and or six inches long or more with hi Q for the mw lw band I have got meny ads in the radio magaseens in the uk for the half inch ferrite rods but I do not seem to have eny look in finding eny at all and when I do get some thay are awase the rong permability for the mw lw band back in the 198s I had some half inch ferrite that had very hi Q on the mw lw band I put two six inch long half inch ferrite rods toghter and made one 12 inch long rod and it was as good as using a mw fram aril But the shop were I bout the half inch rods from is no more The rod that I had worked in eny mw lw radio with the radios oun mw lw cails I did not have to change the mw lw cails at all in eny of the radios that I put it in. in some radios that I put the half inch rod in the Q was so HI the it overloded the frunt end of the radio on strong local stations and made very week distant stations sound very good and clear.I have tryed amedon in the us I even sent them a sampul of the half inch rod I was looking for but thay said that thay could not help me but thay did send back my sampul of half inch rod to me.I will pay very good money for some half inch ferrite rods that have got a very HI Q for the mw lw band.Very Best regards from peter tankard my user name is (ferriterodman)

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