Re: Protective Case for E100 Slider Radios

Guy Atkins

Hi Gary & Kevin,
The Pelican model 1200 case would be very nice for protecting an E100 with 7.5" slider antenna, assuming the radio has a compact mounting method such as the section of plastic level that Gary uses. I have a couple of up-close photos of the 1200 on my blog:
I use the Pelican case to protect and transport some hard drives. These cases come with "pluck out" foam squares that are handy to custom fit whatever you care carrying in the case.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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Hi Kevin,
     For those with the compact plastic slider E100's, (like you, me and Collin), I'm currently searching for suitable soft plastic containers that would be a nice fit for DXpedition use, with plentiful padding for any contingency.  Lacking that, I'll probably switch over to the woodworking shop to design and build something that looks like a DXer's jewelry case :>)
     73,  Gary 


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