Quantum QX-Pro Loop with E100 slider?

Brandon Jordan <bcdx.org@...>

Hi folks. I am finally jumping in on the ultralight craze and
yesterday evening I ordered everything needed to make an E100
slider. It hit me today that I have one of the older model Quantum
QX-Pro ferrite antenna, the one with a 15" ferrite bar. What would
be the best option of using this with the E100 slider? My first
though would be to feed the QX-Pro output to the slider external
antenna input. I am just concerned that the signal from the 7.5"
slider antenna would degrade the nulling capacity of the QX-Pro. Any
thought on this?

As to my slider design, I think I am going with a design more
similar to John Bryant's. Instead of a wood frame, I am going to use
one of the plastic slanted portable radio mounts from Universal.
There will be enough clearance above the E100 at the top of the
mount to come up with some method of attaching the loopstick. I also
order one of the lazy susan base thingies from C. Crane that will
hold the plastic radio mount, and am thinking of mounting this onto
a nice wood platform and adding 360 degree markings around the edge
of the lazy susan for DF. Maybe mount a nice compass on the wood
platform to align everything properly. I am also thinking of
mounting a BNC connector on the verticle back part of the plastic
mount for the external antenna input.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice, I would sure appreciate
anything. I am especially interested on coming up with the best way
to utilize the large Quantum QX-Pro antenna. Thanks!

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