A Productive Evening of DX

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Howdy Guys,

No DX'ing here this morning. By the time I awakened the electrical
noise here was ferocious again, so no chance of hearing much. Last
evening was pretty productive though. Here's the new ULR loggings
from northcentral Oklahoma:

570, WAAX, Gadsden, AL, 2230-2245, 12/3, All tlk about Aubern's
Crimson Tide, announced as being part of the "Crimson Tide Network."
They've been cutting their power to night power at 2244 UTC, so if ya
haven't hrd them yet, ya might want to hit that freq before then.

1350, KRNT, Des Moines, IA, 2337-2347, 12/3, lcl ads and had a
Christmas Trivia game going, IDs.

1350, XETB, Torreon, COA, 0000-0005, 12/4, NA at t/in followed by a
full ID, fair sig.

1350, KABQ, Albuquerque, NM, 0325-0340, 12/4, old Lawrence Welk type
mx- adlt stnds, VG sig by ID at 0334.

1300, XEP, Ciu, Juarez, CH, 0011-0030, 12/4, I believe this is the
station I have been hearing as an UNID. Last night they didn't play
all that rel mx and often ID'd as "R. Trece." Full ID easy to hear at
0030. I'll be rechecking that freq at later times during the evening
to see if that proves to be true.

600, KCOL, Wellington, CO, 0200, 12/4, ID as "KCOL, Wellington, CO,
talk news radio, fair and balanced." Gee, that sounds familiar! Tnx
to a earlier tip from Richard!

1090, KVOP, Plainview, TX, 0343, 12/4, ID 0346, "The mighty KVOP." VP
reception. I think this was the station playing old R&R hits
like "I'll Be Watching You." (ULR station #342)

I have one correction for an earlier posting from here:
1030, KCPA, Corpus Christi, TX-- SHOULD READ: 1030, KCTA, Corpus
Christi, TX. Sorry.

On the subject of comparing the Eton E-100 slider with passive loop
antennae, I'll have to defer any more comments on that until John
helps me replace the ferrite rod in the one here. But as I've said,
even with the rod split in apx. half, it still outperforms both the
Tecsun Loop and the SAT (Select-a-Tenna).

73's and good DX!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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