Two new Graveyards tonite

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As I have done each year since 2004 October means World Series DXing. This year things were not going well at all not capturing a new station, and thought I might get shut-out. This weeks' DX assignment was the 1200's, and most usuals were there. Tonite I was rewarded on GY 1230 kHz with two ID's and partial game. Both were early in the evening between 2100 and 2130 EDT.

First was a noisy, but intelligible "ESPN 1230 WMML" at 2103 EDT, theres a lot of in and out on 1230 around here, and I caught quite a bit of variety. Basically the PL-200's meter is 4/5 or 5/5 most of the time. Bits and pieces of the play-by play were in and out for the next 1/2 hour. So I figured I was at least hearing ESPN radio coverage. I then heard a pair of quick calls for WIX(BDPT) in the clutter... the WIX was clear, but it could be any of the 4 as the last letter. Fortunately, this solves as only WIXT, and nothing WYX_.

As luck would have it both stations are running ESPN, and both would be b'casting the WS game 7, so I don't know which of the two or both stations I was hearing with regards to the play-by-play.

WMML 1230kHz 1000W from Glens Falls, NY 215km fair/poor using PL-200

WIXT 1230kHz 1000W from Little Falls, NY 263km poor/brief PL-200

These are stations #510 and 511 and GY #59 and 60.

A tip of the cap to the Cardinals, and St. Louis native son David Freese.

Paul S. in CT

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