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keith beesley

Sorry, I meant "ferrite sleeve loop," not "sleep loop", although that could refer to the sleep you lose while DXing, haha.


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Welcome, Ron.

You'll find a lot of info on several types of antennas, including loops, in the "files" and "photos" sections. If you see references to the "FSL", that stands for "ferrite sleep loop"; I'll let you discover on your own what that is ;-).


Keith Beesley
Seattle WA

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Thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to meet you. I live in the 6th floor of a senior housing tower. I am limited to what can be done with inside antennas. I'd love to hear from folks in similar situation as to what types of loops etc are being used. I need to find an article or two and make a loop.


> For some reason, Oklahoma is a hotbed of Ultralight folks. I'm in
> Norman, Ginger(?), I think, is in OKC, he "Allen Boys" are up in Ponca
> and Perry, and now you in Miamuh.
> Welcome!
> --
> Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

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