Ultralight TP's for 12-04-08


Hi all from Anchorage, Alaska!

Unfortunately, conditions up here weren't any better than others have been
reporting on the IRCA board. I was hoping that, with the late sunrise
here (9:30 AM local!), I could DX all morning before my training sessions
started, but it was almost a complete bust. I heard 774-Japan last night
shortly before retiring and hoped for the best, but there was only a
couple very weak audios in the 1300's this morning, ones on which I
couldn't quite tell which Asian language was being spoken. Sigh, maybe

I brought a stock e100 and high-Q loop, as I couldn't figure out how to
safely get my new e100 slider up here. The case I was going to use didn't
seem like it would protect the antenna superstructure well enough, so I
decided not to chance it. Gotta get me one of those James Bond cases that
Colin and Bruce are using.

73 - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA (on most days)

Good Morning:

Listened for a short time during the 1200 utc hour. Only one TP with
audio, 774 JOUB weak to fair. No Russian longwaves heard. After
checking the solar indices A=5 K=3, decided not to raise the NW Ewe

Salmon Creek, WA
JRC NRD 545 & H-800 skymatch active whip
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