Re: Slider antenna vs. C. Crane Twin Coil

Gary DeBock

Hello Gary,
     Recently John Bryant gave a plywood-mounted Slider E100 to Kirk Allen, and I gave plastic-mounted Slider E100 models to Kevin Schanilec, and Colin Newell.
     Both Kirk and Kevin have mentioned that their Slider E100's outperform certain external antenna accessories in sensitivity, and Colin also has given a similar great report..
     As one of the designers of the Slider antenna, I try to avoid criticism of competing antenna systems, and let others give their own report on its superior capabilities.  Within a few days, I think you will hear more about these direct comparisons run by impartial observers, which of course will persuade curious DXers much more than anything that I could say.
     73 and Good DX, 
     Gary DeBock

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