Re: A Few New Ones



KRVA usually dominates 1600 kHz here at night. I'm afraid once I
logged it I've avoided it. Sometimes it's heard during the day QRMing
KUSH in Cushing.

Other than Japanese and Chinese, I'm terrible at identifying Asian
languages. The only way I know a language is from South Asian is
because of the accens. Also, my old ears are playing out.

Richard Allen

1600, KRVA, Cockrell Hill, TX, 1422, 12/3, booming signal this
morning w/ chatter in what sounded like Vietnamese although I can't
say for sure. I'm really rusty on trying to identify East Asian
languages. I'm curious if any of you guys have hrd this one before.
It really shocked me the first time I logged it.

I'll shut up.
73's Gents,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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