Re: A Few New Ones


Congratulation on the new stations logged Kirk. Yes it was a windy
day, which resulted in a long power outage here. But it was a good
day for daytime DX of stations in Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.
The best I've encountered since the 1980's.

Here are my logging for the 24-hours from 2200 UTC on 12/2/08:
1230 WHIR Danville KY 2302 UTC 12/2/08 SRF-T615
1230 KFPW Fort Smith AR 2306 UTC 12/2/08 E100
1230 KKPC Pueblo CO 2333 UTC 12/2/08 E100
1270 KFLC Fort Worth TX 0054 UTC 12/3/08 E100
1280 XEAW Monterrey NL MEX 0103 UTC 12/3/08 E100
680 KKYX San Antonio TX 1320 UTC 12/3/08 SRF-T615
710 KEEL Shreveport LA 1330 UTC 12/3/08 SRF-T615
810 KSWV Santa Fe NM 1407 UTC 12/3/08 SRF-T615
1250 KBRF Fergus Falls MN 1523 UTC SRF-T615
1270 KNWC Sioux Falls SD 1554 UTC 12/3/08 E100
1350 WCMP Pine City MN 1625 UTC 12/3/08 E100
1100 WZFG Dilworth MN 1723 UTC 12/3/08 E100

Heard a station on 880 kHz signing off in English at 2215 UTC (1715
EST), 12/2/08. I didn't catch the full call sign, but it began with
the letters "WR". I found a Spanish language station WRRZ, Clinton
NC, signs off at 2215. However, it might be WRFD, Columbus-
Worthington OH, but I don't when they close down for the day. Can
anyone help?

After six straight days of hearing JOAB 594 at local sunrise, the
frequency was silent this morning. All that was audible were hets on
783 and 972 kHz and they were silent by 1200 UTC.

Heard Glas Hrvatske 1134 at 0223 12/3/08, but didn't listen long
because of the KMOX HD noise. Also, heard the carrier on 1521 kHz
until it went silent at 0259:45 UTC.

I hope everyone has a good DXing night.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK)

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