Re: Saturday night / Sunday morning Ultralight logs

Gary DeBock

Hi Mark,
     Congratulations on your loggings of Spain-1359 and Ceuta-1584 on your stock SRF-39FP ultralight.  I'm sure that it was challenging, trying to dodge the domestic QRM.  That's probably why stock ultralight TA and TP loggings are pretty rare (unless you live in Newfoundland)...the ferrite bar cardoid pattern is part of the big challenge.
     For a new experience, you might wish to try inductive coupling of your SRF-39FP to the northeast SuperLoop.  While not as challenging as trying for TA's with a stock unit, it still would prove challenging to log multiple TA's with only the AM mode and no narrow filters.  Here on the west coast, Dennis Vroom set the current Ultralight distance record by inductively coupling his SRF-39FP to his NW EWE antenna, and logging VOA-Thailand on 1575.  John Bryant also plans to connect his "Nationel SRF-39FP" to his effective external antennas, when he returns to the west coast next month.  Stock TP and TA reception is certainly thrilling, but there are many other ways to chase DX (and have lots of fun) with these radios.
                                                                         73,  Gary

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