A Few New Ones

Kirk Allen <kirk74601@...>

Greetings from wind-blown Oklahoma,

Since I don't weigh all that much, I better stay indoors today. The
wind is blowing like ya wouldn't believe here. Awso, but I found the
perfect pasa tiempo for blustery times like this.

Tnx to Gary Wilt who must have been good luck for me in logging this
first station below: (Times/dates listed in UTC) All hrd on the Eton
E-100 slider.

590, R. Musical, Santa Clara, VC, Cuba, 1010-1026, 12/3/08, clscl
instr and choral mx, dissonant mx at first which later came together
more harmoniously thank goodness, ID W 1016.

580, KJMJ, Alexandria, LA, 2253-2302, 12/2, Hrd in the null of WIBW
(Topeka, KS) w/ religious pgm'g. ID'd as "Radio Maria." This is a rel
network I'd never hrd of until last evening.

550, KRAI, Craig, CO, 2331-2350, 12/2, Tnx to Richard Allen's tip a
while back. C&W mx and some ads mentioning Craig, Colorado.

1060, WQMV, Waverly, TN, 0205-0230, 12/3, THANKS to Richard's tip
yesterday, this sta was heard here w/ a decent signal. "Music from
the 60's, WQMV." Listed as only 4 watts night power. I wonder abt the
accuracy of that since they were hrd so solidly here in OK.

1100, KNZZ, Grand Junction, CO, 1427, 12/3, ads promoting Christmas
shopping in that area of CO, W ancr discussed precautionary measures
for dealing with or preventing an avalanch.

Not a new station below, but I want to make mention of this one.

1600, KRVA, Cockrell Hill, TX, 1422, 12/3, booming signal this
morning w/ chatter in what sounded like Vietnamese although I can't
say for sure. I'm really rusty on trying to identify East Asian
languages. I'm curious if any of you guys have hrd this one before.
It really shocked me the first time I logged it.

I'll shut up.
73's Gents,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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