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An earthed transformer is certainly the safest approach. Could you give us more
detail on your arrangement, Steve? I assume it would be a toroid winding with
the hi-Z to the longwire and a lo-Z tap through the coax to the receiver and the
cold end earthed. I would think a, say, two-inch toroid with a thick wire winding and
a good earth rod would work well and return any ground current induced by not-too-close
CG lightning back to earth. Least current would be induced in an elevated longwire,
less in a wire on the ground and most in a wire in the ground. Only good fortune will
protect from a close strike and Murphy! For peace of mind, I would always disconnect
receivers from outside aerials in a storm.

Michael UK

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Subject: Beverage on ground

I have run elevated longwires for 9 years now, and use matching transformers to run the coax back to
the shack. As such, the longwire is automatically grounded through the transformer/ground rod for
any lightning-induced pickup short of a direct strike. I have never had any problems with lightning
discharges except one time when I had to replace the transformer after a storm. Even that time,
there was no damage to either the coax cable or the receivers on the other end. I never disconnect
any radios or anything associated with these antennas during any storms, with or without associated
I would think a BOG with a matching transformer would be even less likely to be hurt by a lightning
strike, being right on the ground.

NE Oregon

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