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However that would compromise the directivity of the antenna.

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I would agree whole-heartedly here. Nothing permanent... but if you want to run a spool of wire out for a session, that would be a much safer idea. Some 7/30 stranded with the far-end waxed (to prevent corrosion) is quite do-able. 230 feet can be folded back twice (S shaped) for a 690 foot BOG.

Paul S. in CT

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> Lightening strikes would likewise affect a BOG.
> Ground current could be more insidious than a CG impulse...
> There should be a rule that a BOG can only be used with
> a nanolightdx receiver of max one cubic inch volume :-)
> Michael UK - likewise elevationwise exposed and still
> cogitating on how CG strikes could be harnessed...
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> Subject: [ultralightdx] 230 foot Beverage on ground worth running?- FARMERIK
> Last Winter I ran a temporary 500 foot BOG, and it did very well but was pointed in the wrong
> direction. I could bury Co-ax across my lawn and have a permanent BOG, but it would only be 230 feet
> long. The far end would point ENE toward northern Europe from here in Connecticut USA, and the
> 'back' would point toward the middle of the country. Too short to be a REAL BOG, it should not have
> such a narrow reception pattern, or so I've read on line. Mostly I listen to the lower SW bands, AM
> and I'd still like LW BCB, but am probably too far inland for that with such a short antenna.
> Anyone here have opinions about if it would work reasonably well?
> I know it is not ideal, but it would 'point' in the directions I am interested in, if it worked like
> a BOG not a long wire antenna.
> VERY VERY heavy lightning strikes at my hill top location, so high and in the clear is NOT a safe
> possibility.
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