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Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

I probably should have been more specific. I'm talking about reception of the adjacent frequencies. The frequencies involved are 1490, 1290 and 1340. Almost all of my non DSP radios receive the adjacent frequencies at least fairly well. The G8 does not.


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On Oct 17, 2011, at 10:40 PM, Dennis Gibson wrote:

The Tecsun PL-300 series radios seem to be popular. Unfortunately I have three low power stations (1KW or less) one mile away. My only DSP radio is a Grundig G8 and it doesn't care for them at all. I do like the hot FM performance.
Gee, My Grundig G8 works well in the Transmitter room of WCKI, 1000 Watts on AM 1300 KHz...

Kevin Raper

There is no limitation to the fidelity of AM radio. From a mathematical standpoint, AM does better in frequency response than FM. - Leonard Kahn

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