Re: Grayland Beacon Fest

Gary DeBock

Hi Kevin,

Congratulations on your NDB results at Grayland, and maybe Rob and I
should create a new Longwave Award Certificate just for you--- the
"Froze All Fingers" award?

It certainly takes a lot of dedication to go out in the cold and track
down the weak beacons with Utralight radios, something that Rob, Steve
and I have all experienced (with unforgettable memories). Your red-eye
NDB-DXing efforts at Grayland have reminded us all of the frozen
fingers (and other parts of the body) that we endured last winter, as
the Ultralight Longwave DXing boom was just starting. Thanks! (I think)

Seriously, you and Guy both did a great job at Grayland, considering
the awful propagation and cold weather. The newly active sun has
already made both Walt and I thankful for whatever transoceanic
stations we could receive on the beach this year, especially after both
of us drew DU-DXing blanks on many days. Dennis mentioned something
about needing a "Plan B" when conditions are bad, like going to a
casino. For many of us this year, it seems like going on a DXpedition
at all this year is like visiting the Solar Roulette Casino!

73, Gary

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Thanks Allen - it was indeed quite a bit colder than I had thought it
would be. It was great to get out and get some serious DXing in,
though. I "Hope" you and Dianne are hearing some good DX tonight as


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Hi Kevin,

Congrats on logging all those beacons at Grayland , that's very
impressive to say the least. To accomplish all that out among the
elements besides is a bonus also . Glad you had a great time there.

It probably felt like you were in Labrador on a cold winter's night
with those weather conditions !! Maybe you need a Newfoundland quilt to
stay a bit warmer or to heat up the DX the next time you venture out
that way! Any how as they say in Spanish "gran trabajo"


Allen Willie & Dianne Froude
"The Hope for DX"

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