New stations September and Oct


Reception in the second half of September has improved considerably over the first two weeks as the new stations are often coming in from farther away. I did move the BOG to a north south direction and I added a grounded DX Engineering 550 ohm resistor on the south end hoping for some directionality. No major difference yet as I am getting stations off both ends but time will tell.
To catch up, below are my loggings since my last report:

The radios used are 3 PL-380's and a PL-310. Each is connected to a portable audio recorder. The Total Recorder is also used to make recordings during the early AM. The antennas are a 500 foot BOG with the output split to two 380's, a 7.5 inch ferrite and a crate loop respectively. All station ID's were recorded and saved as MP3's. The times are CDST.

9/21/11: The best day of the month.

960 khz. WERC, Birmingham, AL. 0500am. "News radio 105.5, WERC Birmingham. WERC-FM Cooper," (RX#1)

1100 khz. WSGI, Springfield, TN. 0500am. "… Good morning … 1000 watts … WSGI …WSGI." (RX#2)

970 khz. KHVN Fort Worth, TX. 0600am. "Call in… at the (?) café… right here, Heaven 97 KHVN…. (?) Heaven 97 KHVN Fort Worth/Dallas." (RX#1)

1010 khz. WMOX, Meridian, MS. 0600am. "This is your hometown (?) WMOX Meridian." (RX#2)

1660 khz. KUDL, Kansas City, MO. 1900pm. This is a call letter change logging. I first got this as KXTR back on 10/12/10. It now is Radio Bach KUDL.

9/23/11: Reception fair.

1110 khz. WJML, Petoskey, MI. 1900pm. " Northern Michigan's news talk giant 1100 WJML Petoskey and 1210 WJNL Kingsley/Traverse City." Then CBS news. I've been after this one for a week. Local WMBI Chicago was signing off every day at ten seconds after 7 pm – right in the middle of the ID. For whatever reason this day it signed off a few seconds earlier and I got the whole ID.

9/24/11: Good reception to south.

940 khz. WMAC, Macon, GA. 0500am. "Right here live… news and sports… WMAC Macon/(?)." Then ABC news. (RX#1)

1300 khz. WFRX, West Frankfort, KY. 0500am. "The greatest music ever made and FOX News every hour on AM 1300 WFRX right here in …" (RX#2)

1420 khz. KBTN, Neosho, MO. 0500am. "…99.7 FM, 1420 AM, KBTN Neosho/Joplin." Then CNN news. (RX#3)

1590 khz. WRCY, Mt. Vernon, IL. 0600am. "WRCY Mt. Vernon."

9/27/11: Three days of listening and only one new station.

1570 khz. WNDA, New Albany, IN. 0600am. "… true Ladybug game from (?). Get it at Barns and Noble, Walmart and (?). WNDA New Albany, WTSZ Eminence. This is 1570 WNDA. Then USA radio news.

9/30/11: This is getting tough. Lots of relogs but only one in three days.

1230 khz. WSOO, Sault Sainte Marie, MI. 0600am. Music then "Depend on 1230 WSOO Sainte Marie's information station since 1940. Now here's ABC news."

10/1/11: Reception improves to the south but dries up after sunrise.

980 khz. WYFN, Nashville, TN. 0600am. "We're sharing God's talk(?) at WYFN Nashville." (RX#1)

1350 khz. WGAD, Gadsen, AL. 0600am. "This is WGAD Gadsen… for news and more – WGAD." (RX#2)

10/2/11: Good day but new stations are few and far between.

1230 khz. WHIR, Danville, KY. 0300am. "… The Dave Ramsey show weekdays here on WHIR Danville." Then news.

1580 khz. WWSJ, Saint Johns, MI. 0600am. "This is Joy 1580, 100.3 FM Saint Johns/Lansing…100.3."

10/4/11: A fantastic morning to south. Spanish speaking stations all over the dial. Now if I only knew the language.

570 khz. Radio Reloj, Havana, CUBA. 0500am. "Radio Reloj" then tone on the minute. "Radio Reloj, de la Habana, Cuba." Don't know much Spanish but the Radio Reloj was clear. Also had constant clock ticks in the background, a beep on the minute with a time announcement (?) then morse code (RR ?).

1390 khz. WZZB, Seymour, IN. 0600am. "Broadcasting from the (?) city memorial studio. This is (?) 1390 WZZB Seymour."

10/5/11: Reception getting better. The new stations are out past the regionals.

1490 khz. WCLU, Glasgow, KY. 1900pm. "This is WCLU Glasgow." (RX#1)

680 khz. WDBC, Escanaba, MI. 1900pm. "AM 680 WDBC Escanaba." Then ABC news. Unusual reception as local 670 WSCR seemed to either be at reduced power or the signal had less spillover beyond 670 making this catch possible. Still had to tune to 681 to hear anything. (RX#3)

1280 khz. WANS, Anderson, SC. 2000pm. "AM 1280 WANS Anderson SC." Then local news with several mentions of Greenville.

10/7/11: Good reception with all the Louisiana stations coming in strong.

1270 khz. WSHE, Columbus, GA. 0500am. "AM 1270 WSHE Columbus. Your new home for (?) gospel in the Tennessee valley." Then SRN news.

My totals are now at 734 stations, 40 states, 6 provinces, 4 countries and 49 graveyard.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa, IL

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