Re: Morning Loggings: One Totally New State

Carl DeWhitt

---When i started dxing back in 1962 when i was a kid,i remember
logging WDAY 970 Fargo,North Dakota on a mid sized transistor
portable i borrowed from my parents.I have heard it several times
since and i have a verie from one logging of them i made from when i
was back in Oklahoma.I believe i once caught the station you just
Carl DeWhitt
In ultralightdx@..., "John H. Bryant" <bjohnorcas@...>

Except for the Cabin Fever Sprint last March, I've not done any
Ultralighting from Oklahoma until this morning, when I decided to
started. I logged ten new stations, most rather easy/normal for
area. However, cx seemed particularly good to the North and I
stumbled upon 550-KFYR, Bismark, ND. When I was DXing here as a
(1953-1960), the one Western state that I could NOT get was North
Dakota. They are rather easier now, but this is still my first
one! Really pleased. Also snagged CFFR in Calgary on 660 at the
of dawn enhancement.

I also listened for a while to what is rapidly becoming a favorite
station, KROF-960 in the null of our semi-local in Enid. KROF, "The
Gator!" is in Abbeville, southwestern Louisiana and has been coming
in both morning and evening. The format is mostly Classic Cajun
a few Classic 50s rock thrown in... They are REALLY authentic and
stream on the web at What fun!!!

John B.
Stillwater, OK, USA
Rcvrs: Hotrodded NRD-535, Slider e100's
Antennas: Wellbrook Phased Array

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