Re: Tecsun PL-505 on eBay NOW! OT: DE-321 follow-up

Peter 1956

It does say SILICON LABS DSP amongst the Chinese at the top of the specs.

I'd say from the price it wont perform well.

I owned a cheap DSP radio from "Aldi" supermarket, which was quite good on FM, but awful on all the AM bands (LW, MW and SW) - just strong stations and a loud buzzing on empty frequencies! The Aldi radio was twice the price of the DE321.


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I also saw this on ebay, and chased down a pdf file, but the file is an image on a pdf, and can't be translated. So its for Chinese readers only at this time. For those interested, the info(spec) file is

I do not see mention of what DSP family the chip is. It *is* labled DSP on the radio itself, and cost is a mere US$21 shipped from an ebay seller.

The set is physically smaller than an R-911/WRX911/PL200/PL210. I do note in the picture that the bandspread looks uniform on AM, an indication that DSP tuning with analog control is quite possible.

Paul S. in CT

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Looking at the Degen site I see the new DE1127, which is another
MP3/DSP-Radio combo like the 1126, but I also see a new DE321 which is
listed as a DSP Analog radio. I'm wondering if this is based on the
same new SI chip as the forthcoming R-2010 from Tecsun.

Neil Goldstein �KD2APZ

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